IntrepiData provides tailor-made Microsoft ® Excel ® analysis solutions and training for schools and local education authorities throughout the UK. Established in 2002, we have provided solutions and delivered training and consultancy to staff from over 250 schools and education authorities.

School staff such as members of the senior leadership team, data managers, exams officers, heads of department, assessment co-ordinators etc. and LEA data staff can all derive huge benefits from the services provided by IntrepiData.


We also provide bespoke Excel data analysis solutions and training courses to the wider business and academic communities. Engineers, scientists, lecturers and management information officers (to name but a few roles) have all benefited from attending previous IntrepiData training courses or utilising our consultancy expertise.

IntrepiData is owned and run by Fen Scott. Fen graduated from the University of Northumbria with a First Class Honours Degree in Applied Statistics (for Business and Industry). He also holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Statistics (with Business Statistics) and a Master of Research (with Commendation) in Social Sciences (specialising in secondary school attainment data analysis).

Prior to setting up IntrepiData, Fen has worked as a statistician / Microsoft® Excel® specialist within various fields including:


  • Local education authority

  • Management consultancy

  • Chemical manufacturing

  • CRM software development

  • Fire Service

  • Government Statistical Service

  • Public utility research and development


During his post-graduate career, Fen has combined his excellent academic skills in Applied Statistics with an ability to identify and implement novel data analysis solutions using Excel VBA - a combination of skills which can add tremendous value to your School  and Business Improvement processes.