IntrepiData has provided bespoke Excel consultancy and training to numerous businesses and organisations from a broad range of sectors such as universities, engineering and technology companies, the emergency services, local and central government, the NHS and more.


We can improve your data analysis and management reporting by creating automated solutions in Excel to get your results out in an accurate and timely manner, significantly augmenting the value of the information. Furthermore, any staff within your organisation who wish to develop their spreadsheet skills will benefit from the Excel training that IntrepiData provides

Below are a few examples of the types of system IntrepiData has developed for the business community. Remember that we develop systems to fit YOUR specific needs, so whatever solution you require, contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Excel VBA development work for a local authority to automate data preparation work for GIS mapping.

  • Creation of an Excel system to track / analyse and report on the number of rejects for a manufacturing company.

  • Development of a Quality Assurance “Dashboard” for monthly reporting for a manufacturing company.

  • Design and development of a risk assessment model in Excel for a technology company.

  • Statistical analysis work for a technology company.

  • Creation of an Excel VBA capability / statistical analysis system for a large engineering company.

  • Performing a "What-if?" statistical analysis of football match data for the manager of an English Premier League football club and delivering a management report based upon the outcomes of the analysis to the club.

IntrepiData can create automated systems to process and analyse any spreadsheet data that you would normally analyse manually in Excel. We currently charge £750 per day for system development and consultancy work. For more information on our tailor-made business data solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Prices are correct for 2021.


Whatever type of data you need to analyse within your organisation, IntrepiData can provide customised Excel training for your staff to speed up their analysis work. Staff from throughout your organisation will benefit from the types of training courses that we provide - just ask IntrepiData for more information.

All of these courses can be delivered on-site to your team, using your own facilities and equipment. Onsite delivery costs £750 per day for up to 3 delegates. For each additional delegate, add £65 per day.  To find out more about our business training courses or to book a course delivery, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Prices are correct for 2021.


Training courses are also regularly scheduled throughout England during the year and this will return when safe to do so, due to the current situation.