I first met Fen from IntrepiData in 2009 after spending what seemed like half the summer break analysing pupils’ achievement in public examinations. Fen developed a bespoke automated solution for our data analysis needs and has provided tailored updates every year since. His automated systems save time and ensure accuracy whilst being flexible enough to allow us to modify the output files relatively easily.


We now use IntrepiData’s automated analysis systems and training solutions in a variety of contexts from pupil achievement at Key Stages 3-5, to first aid records and child welfare systems. Fen always takes the time to provide exceptional levels of support via the telephone, email and personal visits several times a year. I would highly recommend Fen and IntrepiData to any educational establishment and, indeed, any setting where a high level of bespoke data analysis is needed.

Matt Fletcher, Deputy Headteacher, St Gregory's Catholic Science College

The importance of data in a secondary school nowadays cannot be underestimated. It is needed at many different levels from the classroom through the subject leader up to the SLT and the governing body. Each level wants something different, more complex, less complex but always tailored to their need. Making data available in the right format for each group takes time, something that is in short supply and any system that can save time is to be embraced, used and developed.


The system we use at Wellfield School was developed for us by IntrepiData. It provides the school with what we need and was a result of thorough discussion with the company to identify our needs. The result is a system that takes the data that teachers enter into SIMS as part of the school assessment process – nothing new needed, all staff do this as a matter of course. Once the data is taken out of SIMS and given to the data system (in the form of an Excel spreadsheet) it is automatically processed. The resulting analysis gives data in different formats for different purposes.


Teachers get a class data set, subject leaders get departmental data for each year group, Senior leaders get subject summary data and whole school data. These data sets can be analysed for patterns and anomalies, identifying students, groups (SEN, PP, G&T, or any category of your choice – just ask), classes or subjects where intervention will help increase progress and raise attainment. The data is in one place so it is easy to find and most importantly to use.


We have been able to track students across a year, identify where intervention is needed and put in support that bears results. As the data demands change so the system evolves. Phone call or email is quickly responded to and changes made as necessary. As a data manger I have benefited greatly from the amount of time saved in processing data and been able to concentrate on making sure that the data is available and used. As a subject leader and class teacher I have data available whenever I need it – I can support staff or pupils more effectively as I know where the issues lie.

Roger Nelson, Assistant Headteacher, Wellfield School

I met Fen in 2004 when IntrepiData and the Industrial Statistics Research Unit (ISRU) at Newcastle University collaborated on the development of a Change Control Management System for a local manufacturing company. ISRU provided validation of the statistical theory on the project and IntrepiData developed the Excel spreadsheet functionality.


Since then, ISRU has utilised the Excel expertise provided by IntrepiData on a number of projects for organisations from fields such as the NHS, Central Government, the process industry and the petrochemical industry. IntrepiData has also delivered advanced Excel training courses on behalf of ISRU to over 90 technicians, scientists and engineers from a major UK organisation.


I would highly recommend Fen and IntrepiData to any business / organisation requiring advanced Excel spreadsheet expertise

Matthew Linsley, Director of ISRU, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Fen Scott has designed a bespoke data analysis system for school.  The school was fully involved in the design and refinement of the system at both Key Stage 3 and 4 and the system is highly responsive to our data needs.  The reports are detailed but clear and simple for colleagues with different levels of expertise to understand.  Our work with Fen has enabled us to move our analysis of performance data and self-evaluation to the next level.

Matt Stedman - Deputy Headteacher, Mayfield School