IntrepiData creates bespoke automated school data systems in Excel to enhance school improvement and drive your student intervention strategies, saving you days (if not weeks) in your analysis work. Unlike some companies who offer one-size-fits-all data solutions, IntrepiData works hand in hand with school senior leaders and data managers to design and create systems that fit the needs of your school perfectly. Once you have extracted your raw data from your school's management information system, these solutions run automatically at the click of a few buttons and provide you with invaluable information in a much more timely manner than performing the analysis manually.

Below are a few examples of the types of system IntrepiData has developed for schools. Remember that we develop systems to fit YOUR school, so whatever solution you require, contact us to discuss your requirements.

  • Key Stage 3 and 4 automated attainment analysis systems to calculate Attainment 8, Progress 8, Basics, Ebacc and other pertinent measures needed for intervention strategies, governors' meetings, Ofsted inspections etc.

  • Teaching & learning walks data collection and analysis systems

  • Automated behaviour and rewards analysis to identify "hotspots"

  • Attendance reporting and analysis tools to track individual students' attendance profiles and flag up concerns

  • Early years systems to collect and analyse pupil progress within each of the early learning goals

  • Key stage 1 and 2 attainment data collection and analysis which augments teaching and learning

  • Paperless reporting tools

  • Key Stage 3 and 4 "flight path" analysis systems

  • Post-16 systems such as level 3 value added enhanced analysis


IntrepiData can create automated systems to process and analyse any spreadsheet data that you would normally analyse manually in Excel. We currently charge £750 per day for system development and consultancy work. For more information on our tailor-made school data solutions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Prices are correct for 2021.