As an experienced professional statistician, IntrepiData's owner Fen Scott is passionate that data is collected, analysed, presented and interpreted correctly and in an unbiased way and is keen to pass on his vast statistical expertise.


Since 2017 he has delivered a suite of practical statistics workshops to research staff (clinical, scientific, engineering etc.) at Newcastle University, utilising Excel,  Minitab and SPSS and covering the following topics:

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Graphical Displays

  • Confidence Intervals

  • Hypothesis Tests

  • Sampling Methods

  • Distributions

  • Power and Sample Size

  • Analysis of Variance

  • Non-parametric Tests

  • Regression

  • Introduction to Multivariate Analysis

  • Comparisons of Multivariate Means

  • Data Reduction Techniques

  • Classification and Grouping

  • Survival Analysis

IntrepiData would be delighted to provide your organisation with bespoke statistics training that will help you get valuable information from your raw data. Contact us to discuss your requirements.